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Coffee Catz
"Sebastopol's Living Room"

6761 Sebastopol Ave, Ste #300, Sebastopol, CA 95472
(707) 829-6600

    Open 7 days a week 7am-5pm
 Or later if we have events!


**Please Visit the Calendar tab and see what is happening at Coffee Catz.**

We are now serving Firefly Ceremonial Cacao.  
Enjoy a cup today!  Start your day with a sacred moment of Intention and Gratitude.  Join us the last Monday night of each month for  Ceremonial Cacao and Breathwork with Keli Meagher for deep transformation and healing.

If you're having a bad day or need help in some area of your life, we are now offering Angelic support.   You will receive an energized angel card and a misting with an angel aura essence.   

We are now offering doTerra Essential Oils, of 100% purity, to add to your coffee drinks or water!! 

Check out our Purium superfood shakes:  Get your Greens On Today! 

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