Coffee Catz

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Hot Brews & Specialty Drinks

One size
All are Double Espresso
All Whipped Cream is Homemade

Coffee  $3.00
Double Espresso $3.25

Hair Raiser (Coffee w/ double espresso)  $3.75

Euro  Espresso shot ran through 3 times  $3.25

Americano  Espresso and water    $3.25

Café Vienna   Coffee w/ Whipped Cream  

Hot Chocolate:  $4.25
Kids Hot Chocolate:  $3.00

Café au Lait  Coffee w/ steamed milk  $4.00

Café Latte   Espresso w/ steamed milk $4.75
Tea Latte   Tea w/ steamed milk $4.75

Cappuccino   Espresso with foam  $4.00

Mighty Mocha   Espresso, chocolate, steamed milk
                  w/  whipped cream  $5.25

Poor Mans Mocha  Coffee, chocolate, steamed milk,
                  w/ whipped cream  $5.00

Orange Cappuccino:  hint of chocolate w/ Orange Torani Syrup (or essential oil orange) espresso, steamed milk and whipped cream  $5.25

Raspberry Latte:  Espresso, raspberry syrup, steamed milk, whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles   $5.25

Golden Honey Turmeric Latte or Glowing High Latte:  $5.50

Bullet Proof Coffee:  MCT oil, Butter, blended with our coffee  $5.75

Ceremonial Cacao:  $6.00

Hot Tea :  $3.50

Apple Cider: 4.50

Milk Steamer:  $3.50

Extra Shot of Espresso:  1.50
Alternative Milk (soy, almond, coconut, oat, hemp) 
Extra Whipped Cream    .50


Cold Classics & Specialties

Iced Coffee  $3.25  (comes with 1 free refill)

Award Winning Iced Coffee:  melted raw sugar, coffee, 1/2 & 1/2, whipped cream, and chocolate sprinkles     $5.00

Iced Tea $3.25   (comes with 1 free refill)

Espresso Shake:  Vanilla ice cream and espresso w/ whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles   $7.75

Go Bananas:  Vanilla ice cream, espresso, and banana blended.  Topped w/whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles  $7.75

Frozen Mocha:  Chocolate, espresso, milk and ice blended.  Topped w/ whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles   $6.00

Frozen Raspberry Latte:  Raspberry Syrup, espresso, half and half, blended with ice.  Topped with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles  $6.00

Fruit Smoothie: Organic berries, peaches, melons, mango, blended with apple and orange juice.  $7.75

Chai shake:  Chai and vanilla ice cream blended  $7.75

Fruit Shake:  Frozen fruit and vanilla ice cream blended with apple juice   $7.75

Italian Soda: Mineral water with syrup flavor (Raspberry, Vanilla, Orange, Lime, Coconut)  $3.75

Catz Coffee: Espresso served over Ice Cream  $7.75

Iced Chai:  $5.25

Lemonade: $3.25

Kombucha: $4.25

OJ or Apple Juice  $3.25

Glass of Milk  $3.25

Soft Drink/ or Water Bottle:  2.75

Chocolate Protein Shake    Orgain powder, banana, milk, ice, blended:  $7.75

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